11 Nov 2011

Tagged again.


Tagging games! Woahh.. Thanks a million to my sis, Afiqah sebab sudi tag kite in your games! Thanks yawrr. Acctually this games ade rules and of course, kite abaikan. Haha. Ok, back to the games:

Question from Afiqah :

1. do you taken or single?
2, school name
3. have another blog?
4. like kittens or not? why?
5. my look in your eye?
6. computer or laptop is better?
7. are you cute?
8. gadjet thats you love?
9. how many your siblings?
10. do you like horror movie?
11. what your feel if you know that someone like you?

My answer :

1. Honestly, Taken.. wahh.. :D
2. My sch? SMKSK a.k.a SuTAS.
3. yaa. tapi, kite dah removed! :(
4. No. It makes me sneeze! Haccumm!!
5. About you? Just nice dear. :)
6. Laptop. but galaxy tab is morre better! 
7. Of course! Haha.
8. My phone, my lappy.
9. I have 5 siblings. I'm 2nd.
10. Very excited, so happy. Hahahah :D

I have answered all questions honestly . 

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